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Archeosophy Booklets

The following list shows the Booklets written by Tommaso Palamidessi, programmed for the first cycle of study and experiences. In these Booklets, the Author has exhaustively developed the most important topics of Archeosophy, giving the theoretical and practical directions for working through each subject.

1) Archaic Tradition and Foundation of Archeosophical Initiation
2) The Initiation for the Woman and Female Adepthood
3) The Aims of the Lotus+Cross Initiatic Order
4) Introduction to the Minor and Major Mysteries Download Booklet
5) The Memory of Past Lives and Its Technique Download Booklet
6) How to Have Out-of-Body Experiences and Travel Through the supersensible Worlds
7) Becoming a Medium at High Ultraphanic Level Download Booklet
8) The Occult Constitution of Man and Woman
9) Guide to Abstraction, Concentration and Meditation
10) The Guardians of the Thresholds and the Evolutionary Way Download Booklet
11) The Mystical Ascesis and the Meditation on the Heart Download Booklet
12) The Meditation on the Sexual Sphere and the Ascesis Download Booklet
13) The Respiratory Dynamics and the Spiritual Ascesis Download Booklet
14) The Way of Symbols and the Spiritual Transmutation Download Booklet
15) The Waking and Development of the Centers of Force Download Booklet
18) Mysterical Experience of The Holy Grail Download Booklet
20) The Esoteric Problem of the Sexes, Marriage and Children Download Booklet
36) An Esoteric Comment on the Four Gospel Download Booklet
38) The Labyrinth of Dreams and Perennial Wakefulness Download Booklet
40) Encyclopedic Dictionary of Archeosophy Download Booklet
41) The Daily Spiritual Exercises of the Archeosopher Download Booklet
44) Small Medicinal Herbal Download Booklet
48) A Manual of Curative Hypno-Magnetism Download Booklet